Content is king, and by this it means the success of your online business or your digital marketing strategies will depend completely on how you optimize your content. Content writing is complex and there can be plenty of slip ups. As a beginner it can be difficult to understand even the most common writing mistakes. This blog will help you understand the common technical content writing mistakes and why to avoid them.

Underestimating the Power of SEO

A clever content marketing strategy is what digital marketing is all about, but this does not mean you ignore the SEO guidelines. Your content should always be consumer-centric. Focus on what kind of information is your audience searching for, their buyer persona, which keywords they are using and why they need the information. This can be broken down into three things

  • Audience Research: Identify and understand your audience
  • Keyword Research: Finding most used, relevant keywords and incorporating them in your content
  • Topic Research: Creating content topics based on the keywords that are targeted.

SEO content writing will help you rank higher on Google which will increase your brand visibility and awareness. Moreover, various tools available such as Hubspotwill make it easier for you to create an effectivecontent marketing strategy.

Not Promoting your Content over Social Media

Promoting your content on social media will not only improve your brand visibility but also will help you to increase traffic on your website. However, you should plan a strategy to promote your content on social media. Create a weekly or monthly content calendar to promote and publish your content so that you have an idea when and what to publish on social media. Content and social media marketing are closely associated with each other and if these two are combined together you can get astonishing results.

Not including a Call-To-Action (CTA)

Including call to action (CTA) in your content will determine whether you have gained a lead or it is a conversion. Skipping CTAs on your content is a huge mistake and the following 3 reasons will tell you why:

  • CTAs motivate the Sales Funnel: Including CTAs will help you understand the transition between the phases of the customer journey. It creates a better customer experience and CTAs motivates the customer to take required actions on your website.
  • Improves Brand Trust: CTAs portraits the authenticity of your website. Including CTA to your social media platforms will increase brand trust and value. They keep the audience inspired to take the next steps and know more about your services or product. 
  • Boost your Digital Marketing Success: Digital marketing is all about gaining customers attention and turn customers to conversions. CTAs can leave a long-lasting impression on buyers.


Improving SEO, Social media promotions and including CTAs are the three main pillars of content marketing. They make customer experience smooth and builds relationships.

Try to avoid these three mistakes while creating a content marketing strategy. You can always adapt and change your marketing strategies and ideas as per the results you receive.