Writing excellent content should not only be a part of an online marketing strategy if you want to grow your business better. It is equally important for it to be shared and published on social media platforms. Social media marketing should also be a part of your content marketing strategy. It is important to optimize your social media platforms so that your online business achieves a higher reach and better audience engagement.

Engagement on social media platforms are increasing year by year. The largest social media platform, Facebook has over 2.4 billion users around the globe. Social media platforms are used by every 1 in 3 people in the world. That means out of 7.7 billion population, 3.5 billion online using social media. This means that sharing your content on social media is going to help tremendously in building a greater audience. Your responsibility will not only include sharing written blogs and articles from your website to social media but should also include creating a unique content marketing strategy on social media platforms which will include creative post, captions, bios, comments, etc.

The Social Media Challenge

Opening an account on Facebook and Twitter, generating followers and likes important, but most important is to create and plan an effective social media strategy. Content marketers should decide what is their goal and what do they want to obtain through social media whether it is to increase brand value, expand brand visibility or to increase traffic. Launching campaigns and optimizing it on social media requires immense patience and hard work especially if you are just starting up. Every social media marketing agency had to begin with trial and error to recognize strengths and weaknesses and actively improving them.

Creating Brand Value

To create a unique brand value, every start up social media marketing agency should begin with competition analysis. Understanding what other successful online marketing agencies are doing and mimicking can give your brand a push start. Including more content and social media tactics such as infographics, podcast, etc will make your brand stand out from the crowd. You should focus more on supplying to your audience’s need while creating content so that brand reliance is generated.

How to Make Social Media Work for your Brand

Social media is a powerful channel and has become one of the most important marketing tools which helps any organisation to communicate messages to a wider range of audience. It is not difficult to make use of social media platforms for your brand but it sure requires lot of work to plan, optimize, execute, and analyse.

Researching and planning is the first step to start with your social media strategy. Planning a week’s or month’s worth of posts will help you to maintain the consistency on social media platforms. HootSuite or Hubspot are great tools to schedule your social media posts for future.

Social media paid advertisements is a cost effective method to promote your brand online that will subsequently help you to grow your brand’s visibility. Paid ads will help you to gain organic audiences. The views and clicks generated from the online advertisements will help you generate revenue for the company. However, the content you choose to write in your advertisements will decide your reach. Adding catchy and interesting ad headline will make your advertisement more attractive. Keep your advertisement content short, simple, readable and understandable.

Content Marketing Ideas on Social Media Platforms

According to Pew Research , about 70% of the consumers use social media platforms daily and your brand needs to stand out from the others to get better engagement. Writing catchy captions, headlines, posts, and commenting is one part of social media content marketing which everyone follows. But it is important to get more creative with your strategies. Holding creative contests will increase the exposure to your brand. Including polls, Q/As, surveys, etc will not only increase interactions but also help in learning more about your audiences. Updating stories on Instagram and Facebook will increase your brand visibility.


Content marketing and social media if used together can create astonishing results. These two marketing strategies go hand in hand very well. Social media marketing will benefit from effective and creative content marketing strategy. And any content marketing will have the benefits for social media marketing. Make sure you always analyse and evaluate your results in this process to understand strengths and weaknesses.