Social media marketing is very important to boost brand awareness, drive traffic, and increase conversion rate. Almost everybody is on social media and the number of social media users is increasing every year. In fact, social media users increase by a staggering 328 million between October 2018 and October 2019. If you leverage social media smartly, you can imagine the amount of traffic and potential customers that can be generated.

With so many social media platforms and each with different features, it can be very time consuming and critical. It can be tricky to optimize social media accounts and use correct strategies to generate good ROI. So, we have listed the top 7 tools that will help you optimize your social media accounts for the business.

What makes a good social media tool?

There are many social media tools online but you need to find the one that suits your business goals. But what are the basic features in a social media tool that would help your business grow?

Let’s talk about the features that a good social media tool should consist:

  1. Time-saving: Look out for tools that have automated processes but with accuracy and efficiency.
  2. Easy to Use: The tool should be user-friendly with easy navigation buttons and detailed information.


  1. Better optimization: Optimizing a strategy not only includes being consistent but also includes better analytics that will help you understand your mistakes so that it makes it easier for you to change or update your strategy.
  2. Focuses on Organization: A good social media tool should be easy to manage. A tool should be able to keep, manage, and edit reports.
  3. Affordable: This is the more important thing that every digital marketer looks for in a tool. A tool should be affordable yet should be able to deliver a high-quality experience.

Let’s discuss the top 7 social media marketing tools that can be used for any type of business.

  1.     HubSpot Social Inbox Tool: This tool is the best in terms of time management and efficiently optimizing. You will be able to schedule your posts and monitor comments, messages, mentions, etc. that your social media account gets.

The best part about HubSpot is that it can integrate marketing with CRM. This will directly help you to monitor how many leads you are acquiring through your social media account.

HubSpot starts at $800 monthly, which includes the Marketing Hub Professional tier.

  1. Buffer: Initially, Buffer only supported Twitter, but now it supports every social media platform such as Google +, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. This tool also helps you to create effective and relevant content. With Buffer, you can use chrome extensions to include content and articles, shorten links automatically, you will be able to upload customized videos and photos, in-depth analytical tracks, schedule your posts, respond to posts, and also add your co-workers.
  1. Missinglettr: Promoting your content on social media is an important part of social media marketing strategy. With tools, you will be able to process posts on social media but you might still require to add text and photos. This tool automatically creates content for social media by scraping articles and blogs and can create years’ worth content.

This tool not only schedules your post but also will create content for your posts to promote it on social media. This tool can also show weekly reports.

  1. Hootsuite: This tool can handle multiple social media accounts at a time. This tool is the most popular tool among digital marketers. It not only helps you to schedule posts but also makes it easier for team members to collaborate. You can also create a social media calendar and assign tasks. Moreover, this tool allows you to see comments and mentions.

Hootsuite podium offers online social media courses to understand social media marketing and management.

  1. Buzzsumo: This tool helps in research about competitors. It will help you to understand how well your content is doing on social media platforms. It is one of the most powerful research tools. The features include finding the most popular content that is shared on social media, finding relevant influencers, getting alerts based on domain, author name, brand name, links, and keywords, tracking competitors, etc.
  2. AdEspresso: Social media advertising is tricky and adespresso makes it easier for you. This tool is one of the best tools when it comes to A/B testing. Adespresso can help you understand how your campaign is working and how your consumers are reacting to it. It can give your real-time evaluation of results on Google Ads, Instagram, and Facebook. This tool makes it easier for you to manage campaigns on the three platforms.
  3. Planable: Planable can streamline social media strategy requirements such as collaborating with your team members. This tool helps you to manage content and social media platforms. You will be able to plan your posts and to see how your posts would make your feed look if they were uploaded. It also allows you to create a social media post calendar.



These are the top 7 tools for you to use in 2020 for social media management strategies. Don’t go for popularity, but go for functionality. Identify your business goals and then choose the right tool that suits your business.

Creating a good marketing strategy for social media can be overwhelming. But with the right guidance from the industry experts, there will be no room for mistakes. If you are interested in knowing more about social media automation and management, you can contact us.