In today’s increasingly complex environment, Viram Labs helps organizations chart a path to high performance by developing and implementing marketing strategies that transform the way organizations interact with and engage their customers.

Superior marketing not only helps attract customers but also constantly engages them by creating delightful experiences. As a result, today’s savvy companies are allocating more resources toward marketing. However, simply spending more money does not guarantee increased customer engagement and loyalty—particularly in the face of intense competition for share of mind and wallet.

Why Viram Labs

Viram Labs helps Marketing Professionals and Business Owners drive growth and achieve high performance by developing superior marketing strategies, planning the effective implementation of these strategies, and executing these plans flawlessly, quickly and efficiently.

Leveraging leading-edge digital marketing capabilities as a foundation, high-performing marketing organizations identify promising value propositions from customer data, develop the most compelling and profitable offers, and engage customers across physical and digital, direct and indirect interaction channels. From digital marketing to customer insights to experience innovation and more, Viram Labs offers the capabilities to help clients achieve digital-led and customer-focused marketing strategies that drive profitable growth.

Focus Areas

Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing strategy: Encompasses all aspects of digital marketing strategy to provide multichannel integration and execution in order to drive profitable growth and an enhanced customer experience.
  • Digital marketing optimization: Establish a systematic, data-driven capability—enabled by technology, organization, and processes—for continuously improved return on digital investments.


Data-Driven Insight

  • Digital Customer Intensity Index: A data-driven channel investment strategy to help companies target front-office investments in a truly customer-centric way.
  • Leverage deep insights across the ecosystem—from customers, partners to influencers—to anticipate customer changes and innovate with disruptive propositions.


Customer Experience

  • Market and customer strategy: Develop customer-centric strategies for market development, brand positioning, proposition development, and marketing communications to help drive profitable growth.
  • Customer-centric marketing: Translate customer strategies into meaningful, competitive customer experiences that span the customer lifecycle. Define the business, technology and operating requirements for delivering and managing these experiences. Help track and manage their impact on business performance.
  • Loyalty strategy: Design leading-edge strategies that increase customer loyalty from loyalty program development to overall customer experience.



Marketing Operating Efficiency

  • Marketing operations optimization: Optimize marketing operations to better source, manage and deliver value from marketing investments, processes, technology, resources, and organization.
  • Marketing measurement optimization: Develop and implement performance metrics and analytical decision support solutions that increase return on marketing investment.


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