Social media marketing has evolved over the past few years and surprisingly it can be used to boost ranking on Google. There are many social media strategies that help increase rank on Google and drive more traffic. According to Hootsuite’s SEO test that was conducted with and without social promotions, there was an average of 22% boost in the areas with social promotions.

Although Google’s Matt Cutt stated in a video that social signals do affect the Google ranking, Google has not confirmed that till now. As a result, online marketers were left with skepticism.

But does social media directly increase SEO? The answer to that question is no. This is because social signals are weak for search engines and Google will not index or crawl all the social posts according to Cutt’s video. However, social media signals have the capacity to indirectly boost SEO rankings. The following three reasons that might help you to boost SEO.

1. Promoting Content on Social Media can increase backlinking

Promoting links to your blogs, services, and products creating link opportunities are important for SEO. Sharing and promoting your content on social media is one part and people clicking on your link is another. Your content should be engaging enough so that more people will click on your link, share, and follow your content.

Social media is one of the most powerful channels and has also become the most vital tool to boost SEO. People enjoy looking engaging and shareable content on social media which in return helps you to get quality backlinks.

2. Social Media can Increase the Visibility of your Content

Social media can increase your website’s presence on another channel and have great potential to start a conversation with your audience. Social media not only helps you to promote your content but can help you drive traffic towards your website by increasing the visibility of your content.

Following tips will help you boost the visibility of your content and eventually increase SEO:

  • Include link of your website
  • Use infographics, photos, or GIFs
  • Include CTA (Call to actions)
  • Use hashtags
  • Tag brands and other pages
  • Include effective content


3. Social Media can help you build Brand Awareness

Social media platforms are getting more popular day by day and top marketing agencies leverage these channels to the fullest. Sharing content on social media channels makes it easier for your targeted audience to engage with you and find you. Social media platforms have billions of users in one place and can give you the potential to get recognized and seen by more people.

Social media is not about just sharing and promoting your content, but also about being consistent. Social media can help you create a brand image and can get your brand recognized.

Quick Tricks and Tips to Intertwine SEO and Social Media

  1. Optimize your profiles and post: Social media platforms can also be used as search engines. People will try to search your brand on social media platforms too. So, make sure you create your posts keeping your users and SEO tactics in mind.
  1. Leverage hashtags in the right way: Hashtags can help you get more traffic as it can be used to find content especially on Instagram and Twitter. Incorporating correct and effective hashtags are very important so make sure you research more before you start using them in your posts.


  1. Draft optimized content: Every content you create on social media should have an SEO component. Simultaneously, as you create a blog make sure you create social media post contents. People are more likely to search for a brand on social media platforms than on search engines.
  1. Use mentioning and tagging: Mentioning and tagging other users or pages is the best way to boost your post and as well as website awareness. This increases audience reach and your posts are more likely to get higher visibility.




Google has not confirmed that social media being one of the most effective ways of generating traffic and boosting SEO. However, it has been confirmed that Google’s search algorithm most of the time ignores some of the social signals.

As mentioned above, there are still tricks that can be used on social media to increase SEO. Marketers need to widen the SEO concept and need to find more unconventional ways to drive traffic and boost SEO. It is important to think about the positive impact on SEO rankings and prominence of your site on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page).

Moreover, the internet is all about sharing ideas, fostering relationships, expressing identity, and building relationships. So, when it comes to building a successful online business, SEO should not be the only considered practice. There are many other ways such as social media that can be used as a powerful tool to increase your online presence.