User engagement and boosting ROI in your email campaigns largely depends on how interactive your content is. But what is interactive content?  Interactive content is anything that your customers interact with such as swipe or a click. Interactive content is likely to increase click to open rate by 73%. Including videos to your emails can increase the click rate by 300%. But why do customers prefer interactive emails so much? Interactive content can get your customer’s attention easily and can increase engagement.

What is Interactive Email?

An interactive email is an email that requires a user’s engagement and participation actively. There are many advantages of an interactive email.

  1. Interactive content helps to deliver wide information in a small space.
  2. It can boost your click through rate.
  3. It can awaken curiosity which will motivate readers to participate and interact.
  4. It can increase user experience and user engagement.

How to Build Interactive Emails?

There are many ways to make your emails interactive.

  1. GIFs: One of the most prevalent elements in email interactive content is GIFs. GIFs are short videos ranging from 2-5 seconds which are fun to watch.
  1. Videos: Another way for effective user interactivity is to create videos. Make your email videos short but informative. Long videos on emails might bog your email down. This will make it difficult for your reader to open it.
  1. Images: If your video is long, you can add an image that is hyperlinked to your website where you can host or upload your video.
  1. Kinetic emails: You can even try creating kinetic emails. These emails are created using HTML and CSS which enables interactivity. This will let your reader interact fully with your email’s design.
  1. Cinemagraphs: This type consists of a short video like a GIF and an image. The image part in cinemagraphs remains still and the remaining part can be animated. This way an illusion of time elapsing is created.
  1. Sliders: This type of interactive content will help you display many images at a time. As the user is required to click to view the next slides, this can eventually boost your click-through-rate.
  1. Poll and surveys: This will increase user engagement and also can help you get more useful insights on their interest and likings.

The most important element while creating an interactive email is to personalize it. No matter what type of email content you create, personalization helps users to connect to your brand on the next level that no other interactive element can offer.

What are the Marketing Benefits of Using Interactive Emails?

The advantages of interactive content are very apparent. Every digital marketer’s dream is to increase user experience and engagement and interactive content is the key to it. Let’s talk more about the marketing advantages of interactive emails.

  1. User Engagement: The time spent by your user on your website is increased.
  1. Boost conversion rate: As mentioned, interactive content increases engagement and this makes the user make a decision easier.
  1. Qualified lead generation: With the help of interactive targeted content and deliberate questions in surveys, it will be much easier to generate qualified leads.
  1. Sharing: One of the biggest advantages of creating interactive content is that it can be shared on social media. You can also reward your users who share your content or email.
  1. Feedback: The most important metric in online business is user feedback. Interactive content can help you get feedback on your brand or service. By creating polls and surveys, the user will engage more, and simultaneously you can get feedback.  

Why Content Personalisation is Important for Effective Interactivity.

A personalized email helps to build a reciprocal relationship with your brand, which will gradually increase brand affinity and loyalty. You can create personalized email content according to user insights and demographics. The user experience should always be tailored to satisfy and talk to their goals, needs, and problems. Product recommendations according to the user’s interests and needs are more likely to increase sales and ROI.


User expectations are severely changing. It is important to understand these changes and incorporate a perfect marketing strategy with ongoing trends to robust online presence. While personalized content is necessary for your website, you need to include various interactive email content in this changing landscape. This will differentiate your brand and services from the competition. Interactive email content will also help you foster your relationship with your users.

But, the advantages of the interactive content will only reap if you push yourself into the area of uncertainty and discomfort.

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