In 2020, B2B marketers need to be updated about new technology to stay ahead of the competition. They manage a lot of competing tasks throughout the day such as meet deadlines, develop strategy, execute deliverables, and others. These tools can not only help to manage day-to-day tasks but also to run campaigns more efficiently by providing insights about customers, target audience, and the market. So in today’s blog, let’s discuss some of the marketing tools:


It has become very crucial for modern content marketers to know the best practices of SEO as improving SEO can help grow organic presence. So here are some of the best SEO tools for B2B marketing:

Ubersuggest: It is a free keyword idea tool and can be very helpful for marketers as it can be used to find new long-tail keyword ideas. It also has various options to find keyword opportunities such as CPC, search volume, Adwords competition. Furthermore, it refines the results with negative keywords options.

BrightEdgeThis tool can recommend actions for improved search engine rankings and keeps you updated on keyword rankings, traffic channels, and backlinks. Marketers can also use it to boost brand awareness, improve organic reach, develop high-performing content, and drive website traffic.

Social Media Management

Social media marketing has become an important part of B2B marketing as marketers use it as a part of their digital marketing strategies. Some of the best market intelligence tools include:

Sprout Social: It is a social media management app and helps in tracking referral traffic, social media campaigns, lead generation, and measure engagement. It also helps monitor relevant keywords, brand awareness, and identify influencers. If this is not enough it also helps marketers benchmark their performance with competitor analysis functionality.

Brandwatch: This app helps understand the target audience on social media. B2B marketers can use this app to find relevant social content. 

Email Marketing

In b2b marketing, email marketing is a very crucial tool. It is used by almost all brands and can be personalized to cater to the needs of the target audience. Some of the best email marketing tools include:

Oracle:  B2B marketers can use this took to set up automated nurturing emails, create targeted lists, and build customized emails. This tool can help marketers with the management of campaigns, leads, and social media.

Litmus: This tool can help B2B marketers streamline the email development process. It integrates marketing automation tools and email service providers. Marketers can use this application to dig into email analytics, create emails, and fix issues to avoid leaving marketing emails unopened. Additionally, it also has a checklist feature that can helps with performance issues including missing text, broken links, and slow-loading images. 

Team Collaboration

Team collaboration is a crucial element in B2B marketing and tools for such collaboration can help with sharing campaign results, reviewing copy, and sending project updates. Here are some of the best and collaboration apps for B2B marketers:

Google Drive: B2B marketers can collaborate on Google drive in real-time through team files. A team can collaborate on any file from Google Docs and also present traffic analysis with Google Slides. Additionally, all changes are saved just after typing and so the is no fear of losing documents.

CA Agile Central: This app provides a central place to track and assignments projects, marketing assignments, plan projects, and assign work from beginning to end. Teams can use such a tool to stay updated on assignments, design work, and more.

Customer relationship management (CRM)

CRM platforms are not just restricted to sales but can also be used as a great marketing tool. CRM tools can be leveraged by marketers for several tasks such as campaign and project management, audience segmentation, and targeted marketing.

Some of the most useful examples of these CRMs are:

HubSpot: Marketers can use HubSpot for building target lists and automate things such as email campaigns and others. The application also has a mobile version that provides access to metrics and accesses important marketing analytics.

Salesforce: Salesforce can be used by marketers for automated lead management and scoring capabilities. It displays important marketing metrics such as pipeline by account type, top marketing channels, leads driven by the campaign, and unspent marketing dollars. 

Market Intelligence

These tools can prove to be very useful in the long run as they can pull and organize data from different sources and store them in one place. This can help B2B marketers be more informed strategic decisions. Some of the best market intelligence tools include:

Survey Monkey:  This app comes with great survey capabilities. It can collect audience insights that can aid market research efforts. It can also conduct various surveys to help managers generate product feedback, measure brand awareness, and uncover customer buying trends. 

ZoomInfo: This market intelligence platform can be used by marketers to get a strategic advantage by leveraging its extensive contact database by industry, company location, title, job function, and so much more. It provides users with phone numbers and email addresses of millions.


A marketer needs to understand its customer’s buying process. Website analytics tools can help them with the answer to some of the most crucial questions such as prospects finding websites and visitors interact with web content. As it provides such valuable insights it can help them create a plan to optimize website copy, content marketing offers, and others. Below are some of the tools that can help with website analysis:

It is the best digital analytics software and relies on acquisition, audience, and behavior. This tool is easy to use and covers several other features.

Amplitude:  Marketers can use this tool to tracks and analyze user retention, engagement, and conversion across the applications. Additionally, they can also the platform to make new adjustments that might keep users engaged or understand product trends.

Industry News

Today, due to the rising competition it has become crucial for B2B marketers to know all the latest news and best practices in the industry. This is a very time-consuming process, but with the help of a few web and mobile apps, it can be automated. Some of the best app for B2B marketers to keep track of there industry includes:

LinkedIn: it is one of the best social media channels to connect with business prospects and generate leads. Furthermore, B2B marketers can also benefit from this platform by keeping them in a social eye. They can follow topics, curate their feeds, and join industry groups.

Google Alerts: This web-based application is very handy for online research as it sends digital content based on keywords and industry topics in the inbox. Through this application, one can also keep track of key influencers, competition, and monitor brand mentions.

These are some of the most crucial B2B marketing tools that can make tasks efficient by automating them. These tools can also be leveraged to stay ahead of the competitors and close to audiences. In this blog post, I have covered very limited B2B marketing tools but there is a whole ocean of technology and application. Markets should stay updates about such tools and keep implementing to stay ahead.