Just like any other online marketing strategy, email marketing also requires effective content creation. The content you use will determine whether your email marketing campaign will be a hit or a flop. There is no doubt that email marketing is preferred by the top marketing agencies as a reliable marketing strategy. According to the study, about 72% of people prefer email communication with organizations. A personalized email subject line is 26% more likely to be opened.

If you want to increase the ROI on email marketing content, it will all depend on what content you choose to write on your email. But how do you write an email? Or how do you write email content?

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Basics on How to write Email Content?

If you are already into online marketing, then you would know that a high performing and successful email campaign is determined with a number open rate and click rate you get. Now, how do you get more opens and clicks? 

Always write a short but focused subject line. This will help you grab the attention of your customer. There is no such specific research that shows the length of subject lines will not make a huge difference. But it is still advisable to keep the email subject line character limit to 30. 

Write a simple, understandable, and compelling body text. Your body text should consist of the description of the information that you need to provide to your customer. 

Include accurate CTAs (Call To Action) such as contact us, submit, learn more, apply, download, etc.

Eamil LawsEmail Content: What should I Send?

  1. Welcome email:  Writing a welcome email is a common practice. This type of email will increase the chances of your user opening your email. A welcome email is generally sent after a customer makes a purchase or signs up on your website for the first time. But it is important to send a personalized welcome email. 
  1. Promotional email: There is an abundance of promotional emails sent by organizations. Make sure your promotional email does not end up in the spam box or the ‘promotions’ segment in Gmail. Your email should be engaging and informative promoting your product or service. Add catchy images, color texts, and CTAs that will make your promotional email more attractive and interesting. Try not to use too many spammy words like free, discount, offer or click now. 
  1. Surveys and reviews: Social or visual proof is the best way to show authenticity and to close a deal. Different types of engaging surveys and reviews will help you nurture your existing customers and increase conversion rates. Surveys will also help you understand your customer better. 

Analyzing your performance through tools is one part, but what if your users or customers tell you directly how your company is doing and what can be improved. Sending out reviews and feedback forms over email can help you understand what your customer needs and is a great way to show that your company cares about the customer needs and satisfaction.

Why Personalization so Important in Email Marketing

Personalised Content Image

Even though online marketing is evolving, personalization and data analytics are the key metrics that every digital marketer should rely on. And those who know the importance of personalized content are already reaping the benefits and capitalizing over the internet.

Personalizing email content means interacting and communicating with your users in a way that they connect with your brand on an emotional level. Always tailor your email content according to the interests, preferences, and characteristics of your customers. Personalizing content can increase your customer base as well as your business revenue.

Let’s discuss the top reasons why personalizing your content is important:

  1. Improves customer experience: According to the study, too much information does not always work. Customers equate personalized messages to brand reputation. 
  1. Increase customer value: A digital marketer’s job should not end when customers make a purchase or visit your website. Increasing the customer’s lifetime value should be your goal.
  1.  Increase brand loyalty: Personalising emails can create a connection and strengthens the relationship between the customer and the brand. Two-third of the customers believe that shared value with the brand increases the brand value.

Important Things you Must have in Place before you start Email Marketing

With the available tools and software online, it has become quite easy to start email marketing. But there are a few basic legal requirements you need to understand before you start creating an email marketing campaign. The Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations of 2003 is a set of laws followed by the USCanada, and the UK to ensure there are no unwanted practices. 

Following are the basic principle you need to follow:

  1. Make sure you have the permission to send emails to the people on the list
  2. Avoid using a misleading subject line or header
  3. Include your address
  4. Include a way to opt-out or unsubscribe from receiving emails in future
  5. Honor opt-out or unsubscribing requests promptly

These can also be considered as the best practices while starting an email marketing campaign. Incorporating these will ensure that your customers won’t perceive your emails as suspicious.


There is a plethora of content on the internet today which can be overwhelming. Only personalizing your content will help you stand out in the crowd. Personalizing content shows that you care about your customer’s preferences and interests. But remember, there is a thin line between personalizing and being invasive. Your content should not make your user feel that their privacy has been invaded or violated. Your customer is more likely to unsubscribe if they feel your brand is being forceful. Make sure that you are looking at your brand from your customer’s perspective. If planned and executed properly, you can achieve a great result by personalizing your email content. It can even lead to unplanned purchases.

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