Email marketing should be about giving your audience a valuable and pleasant experience that will keep them engaged with your services and brand. This strategy is generally used after you identify your niche audience and is used to develop better relationships with them. Email marketing can be very powerful if you know how to exactly plan and execute your email marketing strategy. It is a very important aspect of any business as it has the capacity to reach over  4400% ROI  and US$44 for every US$1 spent.

Ideally, email marketing and social media marketing should be incorporated together by adding social platform icons under the email body. However, there are many other better tips and practices that can be used to increase audience engagement. 

But how do you make your email audience engage? The following email marketing tips and practices are best to be considered if you are thinking of starting email marketing.

How Email Marketing can help your Brand?

Through email marketing, both small, as well as large businesses, can reach out to their audience, increase trust, and develop a reputation. Email marketing, management, and optimization are not as complex as some people might think, in fact, it is quite easy and reliable to practice. Email marketing is often neglected but is an integral part of digital marketing strategies, it can give you great results. Some of the advantages include:

  1. Cost-efficient: Email newsletters are cheaper than other online campaigns.
  1. Increase brand engagement: It is important to maintain relationships with your audience and consistent social media posts might not be just enough. Sending details about your new, updated products or services can increase awareness about your brand.
  1. Reach a wider audience: You can drive audiences through email newsletters to your websites. This will increase brand visibility and help you gain better leads.

How to Get More Opens and Clicks with Split Testing?


AB split testing - Sample-Viram Labs

Spit testing is used to test your email statistics and to identify the most ideal solution for call-to-action (CTA), send time, content, subject lines, and many more. The first thing in email marketing is to get your sent emails opened and this will be possible with a catchy but relevant subject line. Your subject line should evoke an emotion when the customer reads it. Make sure your subject line is short, personalized, and related to your topic. In fact, a personalized email will help you build a stronger relationship with your audience.

Now, you need to test your email marketing content. Split testing is also known as the A/B test for email campaigns. There are many tools available online such as MailChimp, AWeber, Send In blue, SendGrid, and Campaign Monitor. With these tools, you will be able to check opens and clicks on your sent emails.

How to Write Effective Welcome Emails to Build Stronger Relationships?

Welcome emails are very important as they create an image and authority of your brand to your customers. These emails should be sent immediately after a viewer signs up. Including the recipient’s name will give a personalized touch. Try to avoid no-reply emails, so that your audience can easily contact you whenever required. Your welcome email should contain a short description of what actions is the recipient required to take next.

These welcome emails practises will help your audience connect with you on a personal level and build trust.

Tell Stories for Higher Click-Through


50% Click to Open Rate

Storytelling or walk-throughs are one of the oldest yet most effective email marketing strategies. Through storytelling or interactive content, it becomes easier to connect with your audiences. We relate to stories that share emotions and provoke feelings and applying the same to email marketing strategies can prove very effective. This can help convince your audience to take action or even make a purchase.

 Avoid Gmail’s Promotion Tab and get your Emails Opened and Read?

Gmail has started sorting promotional emails from regular emails in the user’s inbox. This makes it easier for a user to avoid and ignore promotional tabs, and this is the reason why your email should be under the primary tab in the user’s inbox. Now, how does Gmail filter regular emails from promotional emails? Gmail bots check the content of an email, which is links, images, and words that are ‘spam’ such as urgent, low risk, free, etc. These bots also check how your users have engaged with your previous emails. You can check unnecessary links and images from the above-mentioned tools so that you can remove them from your emails. Another tip to avoid promotional email is to get a response from your audience. Include CTA to give feedback, review, or a survey on your email content. This way, Gmail bots will come to know that users do engage with your emails.

How We Can Help you?

Our team at Viram Labs helps you streamline your sales and marketing activities while improving your reach. We help you in selecting the accurate platforms for your business and make most of the tools used. We help you to create email content that is strategic and personalized for your target audience. We follow top email marketing practices in the industry that will generate leads and improve sales. We include top-notch marketing solutions like demand generation, campaign management, marketing operations, customer engagement, advanced reporting, custom development & integrations, instant health improvement & audit, marketing automation migration, and creative assets. Contact us to know more.

One simple solution to an effective content marketing strategy might not be just enough. It takes a lot of patience and trials and errors to know what works best for you.