There are many email metrics that can help you keep track of your progress. However, the most important metric is the email response rate. Open rate and click rate are important, but through response rate, you will understand how many of your users were interested in your product or service.

Are your user’s responding to your emails? Are they engaging enough? These questions can be answered by analyzing your results on different tools available on Google. But the real question is, how to increase email response rate? 

The following tips will help you find the answer you are looking for.

What is Email Response Rate?

Email response is a reply to an email sent out by you to your customers. A higher email response rate should always be an email marketer’s top goal. Email responses can be derived in many ways. It could be product rating or review, feedback, or answers to questionnaires or surveys. This specific type of engagement needs more than a click from your users.

How do you Measure the Email Response Rate?

If you plan and execute your email campaign properly, you can achieve an ROI of 4300%. Email response is the number of responses you receive on an email sent by you. Every email marketer understands that not every email sent is successfully delivered. Therefore, the email response rate is not about measuring the number of emails sent to the responses received but it is measured by the number of emails delivered to the number of responses received.

(Email Responses ÷ Delivered Emails) x 100 = Email Response Rate

Measuring the email response rate is easy but setting a standard and to hit the target majorly depends on individual email marketing experience.

Why you should care about your Email Response?

This metric evaluates a significant form of engagement from your customers. This metric specifically will help you understand why and how your users are engaging with your brand and if your email marketing campaign is successful or not. This metric will also help you determine the strong and weak points of your campaign. The more responses you get the more comfort, loyalty, and familiarity towards your brand increases. Email responses can also increase the possibility of conversion rates.

How can you Increase the Email Response Rate of your Marketing Campaigns?

  1. Setting up trigger email campaigns: Many email service providers have a feature to send trigger emails automatically. Trigger emails include confirmations, recipes, upsells, etc., whenever you buy something online. Automated emails are 150% more likely to get clicked then broadcast emails.
  2. Segmenting your email list to deliver better content: Segment your email customer list. This way you know who is interested in your campaign so that they can be converted into a possible buyer. Through available tools online, you will be able to segment your customers for a better understanding of your email campaign strategy. Once you segment your customers, then create content that will engage them. 
  3. Write catchy subject lines: The first thing people read after they receive an email is the subject line. Make sure your subject line is short but informative. This will boost your open rates. 
  4. Clear email body content: The body content of your email should straight to the point and descriptive. Your customer will try to respond to your email only if your email body contains appropriate, effective, and catchy. Instead of adding videos and images, you should focus on adding accurate CTA (Call To Actions). This way your reader will be easily guided and would know what actions are required to take. 
  5. Make your email mobile-friendly: According to the study, 3 out of 5 people check emails on their mobiles, and 75% of Americans use mobile phones to check emails. Mobile-friendly emails are better for open rates and response rates. Making your emails mobile friendly is no more a marketing strategy but a must. 

The response rate is a critical and very important metric of successful email marketing strategy. Track your open rates and click rates. This is how you will be able to calculate the response rate.

Moreover, what content you choose to write and email will also depend on how well your customer engages. Once you identify a segment of your audience that is interested, then you will be able to convert them into buyers.

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