As businesses are moving more towards online marketing giving their audiences better brand visibility, strategic content writing is becoming more significant. Creating an effective content marketing strategy is extremely vital to build customer trust and relationships which will ultimately lead to generating successful revenue for the company. Content marketing is ever-growing as the digital and online presence of the brands have widely augmented. An effective content marketing strategy can help any business to reach their short-term marketing goals as well as its long-term revenue growth.

Although there are no specific rules for creating a successful content marketing strategy, it can be useful to include the following steps that will help your business to drive more inbound leads virtually and will help to get your business out there.

Identifying the Correct Audience to Target Brand Visibility

Identifying your audience is the most important part of content marketing. If the right audience is not targeted, brand engagement can be hampered and the content will useless even if the content is of high grade. Consumers are more likely to engage with a brand they can relate to which starts with perceiving the audience. The correct audience can be created with buyer persona research which includes various factors like age, education level, gender, income, location, interests, hobbies as well as psychographics. Even with this data it can be still a tricky task to understand your audience. What you also need to understand is that what exactly the audience is looking for in your brand which includes topics of their interests, the problems they are facing, and how will our service solve their problems.

There are many available tools online that help to gather this primary data. Many content marketing agencies use these tools to gather and expand their audience. These tools help to identify which websites your targeted audience visits often. Moreover, conducting online surveys or interviews can also help understand the secondary data of your audience.

Keyword Research and Using Appropriate Content Formats to Increase Engagement

After understanding your audience, the next step includes a careful research of relevant keywords to your brand and your audience. Keyword research is the backbone of content writing. Your brand visibility will determine the keywords you use in your content as it the first thing your audience will search on the search engines. Integrating correct keywords will not only generate organic traffic but also will help gain a higher SEO ranking of websites and brands.

Another factor that augments brand engagement is interactive content formats which include articles, blogs, videos, infographics, social media posts, and webinars. This can be identified by studying consumer behavior and patterns. Top digital marketing agencies use different tools to identify this data which is majorly categorized into three primary factors such as top social media platforms used by your targeted audience, audience behavior and the product type. Choosing the right content format will also significantly impact the consumer’s journey.

Creating Effective Content to Visually Represent your Brand

This is the most important step to create a successful content marketing strategy which is often overlooked even by the biggest content marketing or digital marketing agencies. Even with targeting the correct audience, finding relevant keywords and identifying the interactive content format, there are still high chances of losing consumers if your brand does not have a certain “personality” to it. Effective content will give a voice to your brand that will speak to your audience about their needs. An effective content consists of ideation and an appealing visual presence of your brand. Your content will be determined as high quality if it includes information that is readable, original, shareable, friendly, entertaining, and accurate. Effective content will provide value to your brand. Factors like headings, subheadings, and short paragraphs, introduction or summary will make your content more readable. Short videos and pictures will keep the audience engaged and is one of the best ways to visually tell a story of your brand.

Brand Promotion to Expand the Awareness

Pitching your content and campaign online will ensure brand awareness and engagement. There are various ways to promote and publish your content online. Few of them include sharing it on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, using paid promotions, and email marketing. Consistency in your marketing strategy is another key factor for successful business growth. Scheduling content and publishing it consistently should be an important part of your content strategy as it increases consumer trust and a better opportunity to rank higher.

Evaluate and Analyse the Results to Improvise Marketing Strategies

Once you have created a successful content marketing strategy and have promoted your service, it is also equally vital to measure the results. You need to understand and study if the created content is performing well. It is important to understand if you were able to achieve the goal and if your audience has taken the necessary actions. Analyzing and evaluating the results with measuring the data such as number of likes, comments, shares, followers, website traffic, page views, conversion rate, bounce rate, and page visit duration will help to improve your performance.

Account-Based Marketing for B2B Companies

Account based marketing (ABM) is majorly used by the companies practicing B2B sales and marketing. Account based marketing with integrated effective content writing provides a value to a bigger audience and high-level accounts with a potential purchase. ABM requires the same foundation for marketing strategies but detailed knowledge about your audience and a better understanding of your target accounts. For ABM the most important factor is to create interesting and relevant content. Developing personalized campaigns for your targeted audience is essential. Nurturing and building trust is the backbone of a successful ABM strategy. Aligning your content with the needs and challenges of accounts will play a major part that will influence the consumer’s buying decisions. A well-informed perspective of your content with real-world case studies will show your ideas in action.


Content marketing structure creates a virtual story of your brand that helps build a positive image among the audience. It is ever-growing and it requires a revision constantly. Improving your current content creation strategy and adapting to the new trends will successfully expand business opportunities.