Email marketing is one of the oldest yet most reliable marketing domains. An email marketing service provider (ESP) is considered one of the most important additions to a marketer’s tool belt as email marketing continues to be a vital strategy for marketing. This has remained to be the most effective and quickest way to engage and nurture your customers. Most importantly, email marketing is cost-effective and has the potential to boost ROI.

It can be a tricky job to find an email marketing tool that meets your requirements. Email marketing tools exist to make the purpose of email marketing easier. Many email marketing tools or services have special features that streamline and enhance email communication that can be used to generate qualified leads, drive traffic, and nurture existing leads, and help close more deals. The tools available online helps you to organize, store information, and offer email support.

Why Choosing the Best Email Marketing Tool is Important?

Email marketing can generate greater revenue and can have the potential to earn $44 on every $1 spent. So, there should be no doubt that email marketing, if done effectively using the appropriate tools, can be extremely beneficial, and choosing the right tool really matters. Some of the advantages of choosing the right tool include:

Having unlimited access: You will be able to connect with your users anytime and from anywhere just with a few clicks.

Build long-lasting relationships: Personalization is the key. And with the right tool, you can humanize or personalize your emails according to your audience.

More traffic: Having an email list, means more website visits.

Every marketer needs to understand that email marketing success depends on the tools that are used.

What to Look for in a Good Email Marketing Tool

A good email marketing tool should create highly engaging and interactive emails. It should allow you to easily send bulk emails that are specially targeted to your audience and are personalized. This is also known as email marketing automation.

Additionally, a good email marketing tool should make it easy to manage your email list, segment them into groups, and track performance.
Here are some of the best email marketing tools:

SendInBlue: SendInBlue is an email marketing and SMS software and is one of the fastest-growing tools. This tool is very easy to use which will enable us to create highly engaging emails. This tool has many beginner-friendly features, such as drag and drops email editor, automatic follow up, and segmentation of email list.
SendInBlue offers a free email marketing plan that will allow you to send up to 300 emails every day. However, all the emails will have their brand name. You can avail of the paid plan from $25 per month.

They have an additional included various features like live chat, landing page builder, CRM, as well as Facebook ad integration.

Constant Contact: Constant contact is the fastest and the largest email marketing tool in the world. You will be able to manage contacts, email lists, email templates, the marketing calendar, and many more. This tool will help you to get access to the track, report, free image library, social media sharing tools, list segmentation as well as a strong eCommerce integration for Shopify stores. Constant contact also has other powerful features such as drip campaigns, email automation, coupons, surveys & polls, and A/B testing.

This tool has 60-day free trial and after that, you can start a subscription for $20 per month
Therefore, with the above-mentioned details, constant contact can be considered as the best tool for small and large online businesses.

ActiveCampaign: Active campaign offers CRM service and lives chat with other email marketing features. By applying the correct feature such as lead scoring, this tool can help you generate several leads. The service will allow you to create dynamic email content and offer different experiences as per the segmented contacts.

The active campaign has 4 different monthly and annual plans to choose from. The price depends on the number of contacts you have and can range from $15 to $279.

Drip: Drip is one of the most versatile email marketing platforms which incorporates various powerful features such as integration, comprehensive data analytics, message personalization, etc. This tool helps you compile different features that are both visual-based and text-based. This will also help you create an effective and impactful email marketing strategy. This tool will let you customize content which will make the emails more relatable to those who read them.

The drip starter plan is free and allows accommodation up to 100 subscribers without costing a dime. There are different plans starting from $41 which will allow up to 2500 subscribers and the pro plan costs $83 per month for 5000 subscribers.

Mailchimp: Mailchimp is the most popular email marketing tool. According to a study, Mailchimp has millions of users across 175 countries. This tool strategically collects data on the customer list and provides the best possible insights that will improve your email strategy. This tool is not only flexible enough for larger companies but also easy enough for smaller companies who have just set up their business online.

This tool is free. But you will get an option to choose a paid plan which will range up to $299 monthly.


Most of the tools used for email marketing fulfill the essential requirements, but there is more to this. You will also require the best possible support, data analysis, complete customization, and someone trustworthy and reliable to have a deeper understanding of online tools. All this combined together will have a greater impact on the functionality of your email marketing campaigns.
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