Every business wants to invest rightly, they won’t invest in aspects that don’t bring returns. This can hurt a business’s bottom line. It’s true that Google’s Adwords is an effective marketing tool. But, it is also expensive. Not to mention, very competitive too. Making Adwords profitable isn’t that easy. However, the following Adwords hacks can improve your ROI. They involve proven tricks for cutting expenditure. And common habits for increasing Adwords conversion.

1. Create a landing page for each new campaign

This is a no-brainer, right? Unfortunately, not all marketers do this. Don’t take our word for it. But you could view these interesting stats about landing pages. Apparently, only 48% of marketers create a page for every new campaign. Chances are you are sending campaign prospects to your home page. This hurts your Click Through Rate.

There’s also another problem. Directing several campaigns offers to one page is damaging. It limits Adwords conversion. It can also decrease your leads. All these mistakes cost your ROI.

What’s the right practice? It’s having a specific landing page for each campaign. You keep your visitors focused on one offer at a time. You also ensure to match the landing page with the keywords you are ranking for. Or match it with the visitor’s intent. Such, page gets a better quality score. Also, better-targeted landing pages enjoy greater Adwords conversion.

What is the quality score? It’s the metric that Google uses to determine how effective your Adwords ads are. A high-quality score is rewarded by Google. It means that your ad copy is persuasive and relevant. Google rewards you with a lower Cost-Per-Click for your ads. It also ranks your ad high. You save on cost and your ad is viewed more.

2. Include negative keywords in your ads copy

These are keywords that you don’t want your ad to appear for. Mostly, these words are irrelevant to your offering. But, they still generate some traffic. Leads coming through such KWs are useless. Actually, they only increase your bounce rate.

For instance, consider a bakery that sells cakes. It could attract leads from searches related to cakes. Phrases like “cake recipes” and “cake baking tips” could lead to your page. But you don’t teach people how to bake. You want them to buy your cakes.

It’s helpful to mark such phrases as negative keywords. Google won’t show your ad for searches containing those words. So, you won’t waste your money on unfruitful clicks.

Where do you add negative Keywords? You have various options. It can be when designing the ad group. You could also have them in your campaign content. You just include the words naturally. Then add a negative sign before them.

How do you decide which negative keyword to include? You just need to watch your account keenly. You will discover search queries that bring irrelevant traffic.

3. Find out where your ads are showing

Google broadly classifies the Adwords ads network into two. These are search and display networks. Ads on Google’s display networks appear on a various websites all over the internet. The problem is that many websites are related. Therefore, you should be interested in checking your ad placement.

Check the quality of the websites the ads appear. Do they fit the websites you want your ads on? Probably, your ads are showing on duplicate sites. This means viewing is limited to specific buyer personas. So, you are losing without reaching new viewers.

The good news is you can create your own list of websites. Then, show Google where you want your ads to appear. Switch on your Adwords tool. Open Display Network, then Placements. On the displayed websites, replace Google’s list with yours. This is among Adwords hacks that will drive more qualified leads.

4. Drop Keywords that don’t generate conversion

Let’s assume you are abreast with your Adwords conversion tracking. It will only take a few months. And your account will collect important Adwords data. You can use this to discover how your money is spent.

Check your account for Keywords that haven’t generated leads recently. You should stop bidding for such. Instead, concentrate on performing Keywords. By cutting expenditure on ads, you boost ROI.

5. Retarget performing Keywords

Another of Adwords hacks that boost conversion rate optimization. It’s crucial to employ proper Adwords conversion tracking. You will see where your visitors are coming from. You also monitor what they do on your site. Now, use Google features to display your ads to those people who have visited your website. These features allow you to customize ads. You show relevant ads according to specific pages one visited.

There are advantages of segmenting your customer lists. Firstly, you send prospects personalized ads and information. Many customers are undecided. Others leave your site promptly. They hardly take the action you wanted them to. They might want some persuading to decide. Following up with relevant information can influence their decision.

6. Beware of locations and times that won’t convert

This works just like KWs that don’t bring any conversion. Some times of the day you receive more traffic. There are others you don’t. It’s also proven that some KWs are location based. Only people of certain geographic areas search for them. So, keeping your ad on during those times or days is a waste of money. And so is targeting the locations that don’t search for related products or services.

Using Adwords tracking tools, you can where and when your ads show. For instance, you could find out that conversion happens mostly during the week. This means you don’t need to spend on ads during the weekend. You can decide to switch it off. This will cut your expenses and boost your returns.

7. Create a dedicated group ad for best performing KWs.

Look at your Adwords tracking information properly. You are likely to notice this: only a small group of KWs is responsible for your marketing profits. Now, such KWs are valuable and should be treated so.

What if you created a group ad specifically for these KWs? It means you can actually have a dedicated landing page for the keywords. You could split-test, or direct most of your budget there.


Not all marketers enjoy optimum Adwords conversion. Many are still struggling to recoup their investment. With these simple Adwords hacks, you don’t just recoup. You could easily double your ROI. What other hacks have you used on your Adwords?