Handling all your marketing activities can be difficult. Even if you go through today’s to-do list, tomorrow will still bring with it more emails to send, blogs to post, and customers to close. That’s where Marketing Automation managed services or consulting services come in. Providers of marketing automation services use means such as email marketing platform setup and integration to:

  • Streamline operations,
  • Prioritize tasks,
  • Increases efficiency and speed of performing tasks

In this article, we will discuss some of the benefits of hiring a marketing automation vendor to run your campaigns.


1. Automation stimulates revenue growth

A marketing campaign should generate revenue by:

    • Driving traffic to your website
    • Converting traffic into leads
    • Closing leads by turning them into customers

An impactful campaign at the conversion and closing stages will increase revenue. Marketing Automation managed services or consulting services are used to working through these intensive stages. You may not get the same level of dedication through your own efforts or those of in-house staff.

2. Shed day-to-day activities and focus on Strategy
     Your content marketing needs will grow as your company grows. Growth also means more engagement on social media and on your website. If you take on too many tasks during a growth phase, you will hurt your expansion efforts.
Marketing automation outsourcing is vital as it will allow you to free up time to engage with customers. It will also give you room to think and to strategize ways to hit your goals faster.

3. Agencies are experts at using many marketing automation platforms
     By working with an agency, you will take advantage of their platform expertise: Eloqua, HubSpot, Active Campaigns, Marketo, to mention but a few. More so, you don’t have to worry about system maintenance and updates or software failing on you.
This is because your agency will handle marketing automation software support. They will also send you reports or set them up so that they automatically update on their platform’s dashboard.

4. Shop for marketing skills in one place
     Marketing Automation managed services or consulting services bring with them a plethora of knowledge and experience in both inbound and outbound marketing.
A marketing automation campaign requires time to plan and run. It also requires expertise. Even if you get such skills, you still need to do a few trials runs before things work out. By which time, your competition may have already executed several winning campaigns.
You cannot do everything on your own; it’s better to trust an agency that has all the skills and resources to build the success you want.

5. You won’t waste time chasing unqualified leads
     A key problem that b2b marketers face in their lead generation process is having unqualified leads go to sales. But for marketing automation vendors, lead nurturing comes naturally as they do it for companies of all sizes and from all industries.
Marketing automation vendors help to streamline the process and run targeted campaigns at different levels in the sales funnel.

6. An agency can handle any campaign without disrupting business
     Marketing vendors are agile. If you intend to expand into a specific niche, all you have to do is give them the word.
Also, to understand your visitors’ behavior as they browse, your vendor can set up an automation campaign that will track this behavior. These are just a few examples. But they go to show that a marketing agency can handle many automation tasks without having to reorganize.
On the other hand, if you were to run these projects in-house, you would have to task employees from different departments with additional responsibilities. Such changes can disrupt business.

7. Marketing automation software integration
     Work with systems that “speak” to each other
If you were to run a marketing campaign in your company, it is likely that marketing is the only department that will have access to data.
However, marketing is not the only stakeholders. Sales, logistics, retail, and analysts are important stakeholders in any campaign. But because of siloed systems, not everyone can see campaign data and if they do, it is usually historical.
Marketing Automation managed services or consulting services bring with them systems that integrate easily with existing architecture to eliminate silos. CRM Integration for bi-directional flow of data through Salesforce CRM, Hubspot CRM, Sugar CRM, Zoho, etc., is one of the main advantages of proper system integration. It would be too expensive to achieve this on your own.

8. Your marketing automation campaigns will run consistently throughout
     For any marketing campaign to succeed, you need consistency. This isn’t always the case when dealing with employees. Burnout, sick leave, annual leave or emergencies can throw a kink in your marketing efforts. If key employees are away, you will have to halt marketing campaigns until they return.
Agencies have people and/or systems manning campaigns round the clock. They also have the resources to put in place successful email automation so that campaigns continue running during holidays and peak seasons.

9. You will benefit from the latest trends in your industry
     An effective marketing automation agency must keep up with the latest trends in technology. They also require their employees or contractors to constantly upskill. This puts your company in a good position to take advantage of major changes in the industry.
Whenever key shapers of the online world make important announcements, agencies are usually best placed to adapt quickly. This is because they have teams in place to follow up on news and interpret new developments in a way that is executable.

10. You can run holistic campaigns
     It takes a lot of effort to run a marketing campaign on all channels, especially if you have to do it yourself. Even if you somehow manage to run campaigns on multiple channels, your execution will not be excellent in every channel. You might do well on Instagram, but drop the ball on Facebook. You could also develop some great content but fail to execute a great drip email campaign.
More so, as mentioned earlier, the more you take on, the more other areas of your business will suffer. Outsourced campaigns have dedicated personnel handling them, so you can expect perfect execution.

11. You will get “out-of-the-box-thinking”
     Employees tend to get complacent with time and because they are too close to the business, tunnel vision also inevitably develops. An agency will give you an outside perspective. This means that every new campaign will be unique and run on fresh ideas.
From their experience working with multiple customers, agencies understand the most efficient ways to attract and convert visitors into customers. They will also spot value where you may miss it. Their methods are tried and tested (on a wide customer base), whereas your experience is only limited to your business.

12. Hiring an agency is a mark of personal success
     You have worked hard growing a successful business. It’s time to let your money work for you. Every entrepreneur dreams of a day when their business will run on “auto-pilot”. Hiring an agency to run an automated marketing campaign for your business is a sure sign of your success. When you can afford to let someone else worry about the details, this is a reward for all your hard work.

What next: Only work with trustworthy marketing automation managed services or consulting services

Your choice of agency can make or break your marketing automation campaign. Viram Labs has a track record of delivering incredible ROI for the campaigns we run. We are an end-to-end marketing automation service; we will handle everything, from email Marketing platform setup and integration to designing and running marketing automated campaigns such as:

  • Welcome campaigns that will maximize customer interest on the first interaction with your brand
  • After-purchase follow-up campaigns that will create repeat customers and allow you to cross-sell
  • Automated drip email campaigns for abandoned shopping carts
  • Campaigns targeted at user-behavior. For instance, those who abandon a browsing session
  • Campaigns to gain back the loyalty of defecting customers
  • Reward campaigns for repeating customers

This is just a snapshot of the value you will get by working with Viram Labs. After our consultation with you, we will determine your needs and customize marketing automated campaigns unique to your business needs.