Marketing Automation-1.

Enhance your Content Marketing with Marketing Automation

We are in the information automation age. Automation is touted for its various benefits. Some include reducing labor and saving time. Computerization helps cut operational costs too. In inbound marketing, automation takes over repetitive tasks and boosts revenue immensely. So, has your business embraced marketing automation? What is Content Marketing Automation? Look at the different Read More »
Google Ads

Google Adwords Hacks to Double Your ROI

Every business wants to invest rightly, they won’t invest in aspects that don’t bring returns. This can hurt a business’s bottom line. It’s true that Google’s Adwords is an effective marketing tool. But, it is also expensive. Not to mention, very competitive too. Making Adwords profitable isn’t that easy. However, the following Adwords hacks can Read More »
Digital Marketing strategy

Improve your Brand Authority/Positioning with these latest Digital Marketing Strategies

  What is the relationship between digital marketing strategies, brand authority, brand positioning, and brand awareness? To solve this puzzle, let alone answer the question as to how digital marketing strategies can be used to improve branding, it is essential to be on the same page regarding brand strategies, their core elements and how they Read More »
2020 trends inbound marketing

2020 Trends for Establishing Credibility with Inbound Marketing

Lead generation is a key activity for all companies. It encompasses the process of attracting and converting prospects or strangers into customers. In this lead generation process, credibility is an essential ingredient. In other words, what makes a stranger or someone that shows interest in your product or service, decide that you are perfect for Read More »
10 inbound Strategy Cover

10 Most Effective Inbound Strategies to Grow Your Business

The traditional marketer’s toolkit has been losing its edge over the years. Today, most marketers prefer using an Inbound Marketing Strategy over an Outbound Strategy for several reasons but primarily because the buyer journey has evolved. Inundated by mass advertising and brand messages several times in a day, buyers have become adept at ignoring content Read More »