It can be an intimidating process to create a unique blog post especially if you are just starting your blog business. Researching gives your blog writing journey a quick key start, but when it comes to getting behind the wheel and hitting the road, the process can be quite nerve-wracking. A good blog structure and flow will get your audience’s attention hooked, and this article will exactly show you how to structure your blog post.

The following blogging tips will also help you understand the steps of the writing process, which will help you increase traffic on your blog site.

Coming Up with Good Blog Ideas

Every blog post has certain ideation to it, which is then defined by a headline or a title. A first good step to start writing a blog post begins with finding a topic that you find interesting. You need to understand that, if it is no fun for the writer, it will be no fun for the reader. You can write a blog post about anything you like, but you need to keep one thing in mind that the topic should be of your interest, but the content you produce should be for your audience. A good blog post will be defined by the factors you include, such as statistics, facts, rely on, and even case studies. 

Now, sometimes you are required to write a blog post or an article for a company or a client, and the topic given might not be as interesting. In this scenario, a little more of a deep-diving in your research can be helpful. Having good editorial control over your blogs can make you a professional blogger. 

Factors that Requires the Most Focus for your Blog Post

Once you have decided on a topic, it is important to drive your focus on important factors while writing, that includes the organization and style of your blog post. Your title and subtitles should always be inter-related. The blog post should convey a story with a flow and should fulfill the purpose of the story, which is providing information that the reader is looking for. Even though your blog is fulfilling the purpose of the reader, it can still get very monotonous to read and that is why styling is very vital. Adding various idioms, phrases, or vague metaphors will give a certain enthusiastic vibe to your blog and also can be fun to read. 

Analyzing your Competition

Ranking on SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ) is like winning a trophy in the blogging game. To make your content rank well, you should analyze other good blog sites. Study how and what the top blogging players are covering. You will be able to find various angles covered.  This way you will also identify your strengths, weaknesses, and growth opportunities in your blog posts and website.

Reaching Out to the Audience

Understanding and targeting the correct audience can be difficult, especially when you are a beginner in the blogging competition. However, there are still various ways you can reach out to the audience. As a beginner, you can start sharing and broadcasting your blog post or article to social media platforms, and you can also link your social media platforms to your blogging website. Another way of increasing your audience is to collaborate or network with other bloggers. By doing so, you will start getting more engagement and traffic. With the help of various analytical tools on Google, you can then analyze your audience and their patterns. 

When you find your target audience, make sure you keep them engaged to ensure your blogging business reaches the zenith of success. It is important to be accessible to your audience. You can start by adding a contact page. If your audience is reaching out to you for any assistance, it could be through email or comments, make sure you respond in time. This will increase trust and authenticity for the website. You also can create polls, tests, surveys, and quizzes. This will help you understand more about your audience.

Capturing More Leads

Keep writing more blog posts and publishing them on your websites consistently. According to the research, updating content on your blog will increase more traffic and Google gives higher ranking to fresh blogs. Including visual content in your blogs, can also help drive more traffic. Adding photos, videos, GIPHY can make your blog post visually appealing. To increase your ranking on search engines through images, include relevant keywords in the Alt Image tag on the image. Once you have reached a certain level in blogging, you can now start investing in promotions. Begin with paid advertisements and campaigns on social media platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. This way you can increase your website reach significantly and can attract more possible audiences and sponsors too.


Including relevant titles, subtitles, summary, and in-depth research will make you a pro blogger in no time. Blogging is not easy, but with practice and patience, it does get easier. Remember, quality content is the key to successful blogging. A good blog site includes effective, interactive, and consistent content. Above all, just keep practicing and have patience.