You have segregated and have done your research to understand your audience but what next? How to obtain your targeted audience’s email address to maintain and build the relationship? It can be quite stressful and frustrating to get your audience’s contact number. 

Email marketing plays a huge part in generating revenue and has the capability to make  $38 for every $1 spent. Building an email list is very important in any type of online business as 73% of the millennials prefer email communications for any business. Only with a proper email list, you will be able to effectively run email marketing automation and email campaigns. But, how do you get the email address of your audience? Giving out email addresses to any organization is a thoughtful decision a customer has to make. It is important to gain their trust and maintain that too.

Let’s get into details.

Simply ask for Email Address

This is the easiest way to get your customer’s email address. You can simply create a pop up on your website stating if the customer would like to know more about your products or services and if they would like you to contact them. Let them know about the purpose of collecting their email address. Mention that they will be notified with upcoming promotions and events. Make sure you also give them an option to reject your email address request.

It is important to establish a rapport before you start digitally communicating with them. This will make your audience trust your brand and be comfortable.

Add a Form on your Website

Contact forms are very important for online presence. It is one of the simplest and most reliable ways of getting contacts. Contact forms depend on what type of business you own, but the email address section is the most common section in contact forms.

So how does it work? When a user fills a form on your website and clicks on ‘submit’, the data entered on the form is automatically sent to the business owner. Make sure you are optimizing email marketing automation so that a welcome is sent to a customer immediately.

Promote your Newsletter signup Throughout your Website

Newsletter signup is a process where users select to receive updates and emails from an online business. This enables your users to subscribe to your newsletters. There are many advantages to promote newsletter signups on the website.

  1. Expand your Target Audience: You should never stop at the existing audience base. Although it is important to nurture your current audience, it is also equally important to expand your audience beyond your existing customer list. Newsletter signups are the best way to get new leads.
  2. Build relationships with potential customers: One-time buyers are relatively easy to achieve, but you need to go above and beyond to make those customers return to your website. Promoting newsletter while your customers are browsing on your website will help you turn a consumer into a permanent customer.
  3. Achieve better Insights about your users: By putting the right content and input fields you will be able to generate in-depth and better insights about your users.

Newsletters play an important part in online marketing. Make sure your newsletter copy has simple and understandable content. According to studies, 86% of the users will prefer buying from brands that provide simpler aspects in marketing campaigns.

Host Contests: 

Hosting contests is excellent as well as a fun way to expand your email lists. Hosting contests also helps you to collect wider information such as demographics, age, location, etc. You will be able to use this information to create a personalized email in the future.

But it is not easy to throw a contest on your website and to choose a prize. You need to carefully design your contest and target those who are potential buyers. Following are some of the contest ideas:

  1. Photo or video contest
  2. Event-based contest
  3. Polls
  4. Giveaways
  5. Quizzes or trivia

Offer Content Upgrade

A content upgrade is a type of an opt-in bribe or a lead magnet and can have great potential to increase email revenue. Content upgrade examples include:

  1. PDF Blog Post: You can provide a content upgrade in the form of PDF. This is the easiest way to create a content upgrade
  2. Cheat Sheet: IF used correctly, this trick can be very effective. Let’s say if you have a blog on expanding the audience, you need to create a one-page sheet that contains all the blog title templates that boost SEO.
  3. Transcripts: If you are featuring videos, you can provide the transcript of the recording as a content upgrade.
  4. Guides: you can offer quick guides of full guides about the services or website.
  5. Infographics: You can transform your content upgrade into infographics as they are visually more appealing


The power of email marketing is underestimated by many marketers and they do regret it. Email marketing, if optimized correctly can work wonders and generate tremendous revenue.

Email is an incredible marketing channel. Getting a bigger email list and expanding it, nurturing it, and maintaining the relationship with the subscriber list is a true marketer’s dream.

But remember, whatever you do, never try to buy an email list. It is illegal and can cause serious damage to your brand and your reputation.

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