There are lots of sales and marketing tools available today, which can make it tough to decide what best suits your demands and which tools can work well together. HubSpot is an excellent platform because it brings together several tools and features that are targeted towards both inbound sales and inbound marketing teams.

The HubSpot ecosystem not only consolidates end-to-end sales and marketing features, but it also brings together otherwise siloed data and applications. These amazing HubSpot features, (including the discrete ones and the entire ecosystem) serve to increase productivity, efficiency, effectiveness and, ultimately, the revenue of a whole company. What’s not to like.

Below are some of the 24 amazing HubSpot features that you shouldn’t miss if you want to get the most out of the HubSpot platform.

The Hubspot Ecosystem

1. With HubSpot, you don’t have to find ways to piece together several different tools that sales and marketing use. HubSpot does it all for you by consolidating and organizing various tools into separate sales and marketing tabs within the Entire HubSpot Platform product.

2. Alternatively, you can use the individual products that HubSpot offers, which include the Service Hub, Sales Hub, Marketing Hub, Integrations, and Free CRM.

3. Furthermore, if you have different tools that are not within the HubSpot platform, you can bring them into the platform through integrations. Some software’s that can be integrated include Salesforce, GoToWebinar, Databox, SurveyMonkey, App Data Room, Seventh Sense, SnapEngage, HelloSign, Wistia, ReadyTalk, Eventbrite, etc. Instead of being hamstrung by data and application silos, HubSpot can help users become more efficient, effective and productive.

4. The entire ecosystem and discrete products have robust analytics and reporting features, including custom reports, dashboards, etc.

Hubspot Sales Product


5. It allows you to upload your documents before sending them, which helps you to control who sees the document, easily access uploaded documents on any device, and get notifications when documents are read.

Chrome browser extensions

6. Outlook and Gmail browser integration allows users to pull updated CRM data that has been captured from emails.

7. In-Browser Notifications allow contextual communication and real-time awareness of what is happening on the ground or in board rooms.

Pipeline Management

8. The ‘Lead Status’ tool allows robust lead management including list segmentation

9. ‘HubSpot Deals’ feature helps keep track of prospects from the first contact to the latest interaction.


10. This feature automates most of the sales process and allows users to target and engage prospects at the right time.


11. Allows users to easily schedule meetings from within the platform. Users can also easily make calls.

Hubspot Marketing Product

HubSpot has lots of amazing features in its Marketing product, including:

12. The comprehensive list building tool, Personalization tool, Social media monitoring tool, and the campaigns tool to set goals across mediums and platforms

13. Great workflow features, including onboarding, timed emails, event-based nurturing, interactive assessment and responses, visual workflows, etc.

14. Consolidated contact timelines including all contact and company interactions in one place

15. Generation of Search Engine Optimization ranking opportunities

16. Automatic domain categorization to determine potential clients

17. Lead Flows feature to start generating leads

18. Progressive, frictionless profiling to collect information about clients,e.g. client’s goals, pain points, demographics, etc.

Hubspot CRM Product

Some of the amazing CRM features include:

19. Email tracking

20. Automatically associate companies and contacts based on previous interactions and their stage in the buyer’s journey

21. Pipeline management

Hubspot Content Management System (CMS)

Amazing CMS features include:

22. Content Optimization System Templates including in-built best practices and formats for quick deployment

23. Automatic updating of the CRM with contact activity, e.g. when and how contacts arrived at a blog post, the number of times a blog is visited, etc.

24. The ‘Design Manager’ simplifies web design and blog editing


Most companies that build all-in-one platforms usually fall short of having robust individual tools within the platform. This is certainly not the case with HubSpot. In fact, HubSpot can bring lots of features that many focused tools are not able to bring to the table.

As such, HubSpot is an excellent tool for both sales and/or marketing teams as well as other executives. What’s more, is that you don’t have to take anyone’s word for it. All you need to do is access the free version and start finding out for yourself.