One of the reasons we’re so confident in our ability to deliver amazing results is that we have experts in each key digital channel. From SEO and Pay-per-click advertising to Content creation and Email marketing services, we work together to ensure our clients see the best results across every campaign.

To consistently be on the top of your customers’ minds, companies need marketing technology solutions & partners that enable them to combine the right mix of strategy with technology to achieve their business objectives.

Marketing Audit

Whether you’re redesigning your marketing programs or just looking for outside perspective and expert recommendations, we provide marketing program audits as a service to our clients. Our marketing audits are a comprehensive and systematic evaluation of your current marketing efforts.


Competitive Analysis
Market Positioning
Channel Performance Assessment
Baseline and Benchmark Metrics
Persona Analysis
Inbound Marketing Strategy Review
Buyer’s Journey Mapping
Content Analysis

Expected Outcomes & Deliverable’s

Realign your marketing activities with your goals
Insights on Marketing Effectiveness
Gain exposure to new ideas & strategies
In-depth Competitor Analysis
Save time and money in the long run

Email Marketing

Our team members are pros at marketing automation consulting services like implementation, integration, design, development, management, and reporting. Ensuring you are set up for success every step of the way reaching your audience with compelling content at the right time, with the right message to increase your revenue streams.


Email Marketing Strategy
Content & Communications strategy
Mobile-optimized email design
Database Management & Segmentation
Lead Nurturing & Scoring
Analytics & reporting

Expected Outcomes & Deliverable’s

Generate more Leads
Upsell & Cross sell products/services
Identify better Quality Leads
Increase Conversions
Reduce Marketing Costs
Shorter Sales Cycle

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is constantly changing. Luckily for your business, we keep up and are always learning the latest trends and techniques through implementation. Our team is packed full of technical experts that help you translate organic rankings into traffic and revenue.


Technical SEO Audit
Competitive Keyword Analysis
On Site Optimization
Conversion Optimization
Content Optimization & Creation
App Store Optimization
Build Quality Backlinks
Google Analytics/Search Console

Expected Outcomes & Deliverable’s

Better Rankings
Increase Organic Traffic
Strong Segmentation
Low Cost, High ROI
Builds Credibility
Establish Brand Awareness
Mobile Friendliness
Ahead of the Competition

Technology Partners

Pay Per Click Campaigns & Online Advertising

Paid Media services play a vital role in the creation of a winning marketing strategy. We invest time researching and learning about your brand, customers, industry, and unique offerings to determine which Paid Advertising network will benefit your bottom line and get the best return on investment.


Search Advertising
Display Advertising
Social Media Advertising
Google Shopping
Mobile Advertising

Expected Outcomes & Deliverable’s

Fast & Measurable results
Reach the right audience
Brand recognition
Increase local customers
Targeted & Budget Friendly Ads
Rich Functionality and Reporting

Advertising Networks

Social Media Marketing

We believe that an integrated organic and paid social strategy is key to building strong brand awareness and ultimately, driving conversions. Our data-driven social network strategies are crafted with the bottom line in mind. Moving beyond likes and clicks, we help you build lasting connections and relationships with users by telling your story in an authentic, meaningful way.


Competitor Analysis
Social Network Strategy
Social Pages Optimization
Account Management
Increase Engagement & Reach
Sentiment Analysis, Listening & Engagement
Monthly Progress report

Expected Outcomes & Deliverable’s

Increased Brand Awareness
More Inbound Traffic
Higher Conversion Rates
Better Customer Satisfaction
Improved Brand Loyalty
More Brand Authority
Gain Marketplace Insights
It’s good for SEO

Content Marketing

Is your content getting you the results you want? We create content relevant to your customer persona, engaging them at each step of the buying journey across channels to drive results.


Content Inventory & Audits
Competitive Content Analysis
Content Strategy Development
Editorial & Publishing Calendar
Content Updates & Maintenance
Copywriting Services (Website & Blog)
Newsletters & Email Copy
Guides, Case Studies & White Papers
Content Outreach Campaigns

Expected Outcomes & Deliverable’s

Drive Conversions
Increase Traffic
Brand Awareness
Build credibility and authority
Position your business as an industry expert
Reach specific audiences

Online Reputation Management

The simplest way to protect your online reputation is not having a reputation problem in the first place. Viram’s online reputation management services are designed to delve deep into the world of search results, social media, and beyond. We can work with your team to develop a proactive reputation management strategy.


Online Brand Strategy
Search and Social Media Monitoring
Sentiment & Review Management
Brand Building & Positioning
Content Removal
Content Development & Publishing

Expected Outcomes & Deliverable’s

Controls your Google rankings
Removes negative listings
Promotes positive word-of-mouth
Tells your best story
Improves customer satisfaction
Increases positive perception of your brand

What more can we do for your business?

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